Mission Statement

To research, authenticate and preserve the history of the Ship Brooklyn and the history of its passengers, crew and families, our goals are:
  • Compile a library of information on the Ship Brooklyn and its passengers, crew and families, thereby making it readily available to family historians and scholars. Conduct an exhaustive search of public records, archives, libraries and family collections in building this reference library.

  • Work with museums and visitor centers to present the ship Brooklyn story and encourage family gatherings to tell the story to their descendants, that they may be proud of their heritage and contribute to additional knowledge.

  • Support the gathering of histories and information to enable publishing a comprehensive book telling the Brooklyn story and the ultimate fate of all the passengers, crew and their immediate families.

  • To work with other historical organizations in accomplishing their goals of historical research, documentation and education.

  • To concentrate in teaching the young about their heritage and family past.

  • To microfilm and preserve all research materials and make these microfilms available to the general public through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Library system.

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